A Dog Owner-Handler Success Story

Looking back at Bulldog Ch. Marinebull's All the Way's success for Joyce and Karl Dingman.

“Goober” Dingman! What a name, and what a guy! Look into the Bulldog annals, and you will find the wins and awards that Goober garnered. Come to Minnesota and you will find admirers who remember him well from his glory years.

Joyce and Karl Dingman were your everyday couple. In the early 1970s, they lived in a modest home in a first ring suburb of Minneapolis. High-school sweethearts, they married shortly after graduation and had four children. Karl worked on cars and Joyce drove a school bus. Somewhere along the way, Karl decided to get a Bulldog.

Their first two Bullies died at too young an age from health problems, and Karl decided to see Frank Cox from Chippewa Falls, Wis., about a puppy. Frank was highly regarded in the area for producing healthy and sound Bulldogs which did more than their share of winning in the ring. In addition, Frank was a down-to-earth and honest man, and Karl appreciated having him as a mentor. Frank helped them to acquire their first champion Bulldog, and later the Dingmans talked Frank into selling them a cute red and white puppy… Goober.

“Who was Goober and where did he come from?” ask those who have only been around dogs for 10 or 20 years. Goober was born on February 16, 1973, a singleton puppy sired by Ch. Golden Carmel Coach out of Ch. Marinebull’s Here She Comes, both Bulldog Club of America Hall of Famers and Beckett Award winners for numbers of champions produced. Goober was named Marinebull’s All The Way, and all the way he went!

Owner-handler! What a wonderful ring to those words! Karl and Joyce may not have been able to do today what they did 30 years ago, as the world of showing dogs has changed. However, the Dingmans, with little money to spare, had a dream, and the family was ready to work and sacrifice to put their Bulldog before the public.

Goober was Best in Match at his first outing and finished his championship at 9 months of age, a record at that time for a Bulldog. Even without advertising, those who knew a good dog recognized Goober the minute he came in the ring. With the proper Bulldog roll and his attitude, it was hard to take your eyes off him.

Goober, Karl and often Joyce traveled the country, and what a trip the three of them had!

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