A Dog Is Dead, But Who’s to Blame?

Canine crime detective has his work cut out for him in new thriller.

It’s more than a dog-eat-dog world for Bull Terrier Crusher McNash. While the fat cats are lining their pockets and a regular Rover is just trying to make a living, detective McNash is trying to solve his case. In the new book “The Unscratchables,” by Cornelius Kane, an all-animal world of cats and dogs is turned upside down by a gruesome murder.

When several Rottweilers are found ripped apart, detective McNash is the dog for the job. But with a nose for this sort of work and his own Bull Terrier intuition, the case doesn’t seem so cut and dried. In fact, it seems that something more sinister – and definitely more feline – may be involved.

But with a partner who’s an agent for the Feline Bureau of Investigation, it will take more than McNash’s bark to find the killer. They’ll have to enter the animal underground, and with the clock ticking, they’ve got to catch the killer before he strikes again.

Kane’s clever creation of this alternate animal reality will keep readers enthralled through plot twists and suspense. The book is an exciting read for the two-legged thrill seeker.

“The Unscratchables” by Cornelius Kane is on sale now.

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