A Dog And Rat Are Best Friends And It’s Adorable

Osiris the dog and Riff Ratt the rat play together, snuggle together and will make your heart explode together.

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Disney movie in the making. Via osirisandriff/Instagram

As a general rule, if someone has animal emoji in their Instagram username, it’s either going to involve something adorable or that weird woman from Accounting that has a dozen stuffed animals in her back windshield. Fortunately, Osiris and Riff Ratt are the former. Handsome Osiris is a 3-year-old Dutch Shepherd therapy dog and his literally pocket-sized best friend is a 3-month-old rat. (I know! Sometimes the animated screenplays just write themselves!)

For the past month, the unlikely Chicago couple has been photographed being all-around adorable with each other. They lick each other’s faces, tug on the same tennis ball and snuggle together and with their owner. Each of their Instagram posts is a sweet reminder that sometimes the most unlikely candidates can become the closest of friends. We’re still not hanging out with that lady from Accounting though.

Here are some of our favorite shots from the Osiris + Riff Instagram account.

These two look like they’re up to no good.

#RiffRatt #OsirisAndRiff

A photo posted by Osiris + Riff Ratt (@osirisandriff) on

“Just because you have the biggest mouth doesn’t mean you get the ball to yourself.”

#OsirisAndRiff #RiffRatt

A photo posted by Osiris + Riff Ratt (@osirisandriff) on

“Do you ever sit and think about how adorable we are? Because I do.”

Snuggle bugs. #OsirisAndRiff #RiffRatt #WeeklyFluff

A photo posted by Osiris + Riff Ratt (@osirisandriff) on

Here’s the part where Osiris licks Riff Ratt…

#RiffRatt and Osiris’ avatar photo! They play all the time.

A photo posted by Osiris + Riff Ratt (@osirisandriff) on

…and here’s the part where Riff licks him back.

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