A Critter Thanksgiving

Enjoy a fun Thanksgiving holiday with your small animal pet.

It’s time for the Thanksgiving holiday. One thing to be definitely thankful for is that you get more time to spend at home with your critter. Another thing is that SmallAnimalChannel has pulled together six great items to help you prepare and go through this holiday with your critter friends. Check it out!

1. Give Thanks! Take a moment to tell your critter how thankful you are that it came into your life. Then consider what your critter would say back to you. For inspiration, check out the What Is Your Critter Thankful for Contest. Click here>>

2. Show the people you won’t be able to see this holiday that you care about them. Send them a critter Thanksgiving card! Click here>>

3. For ferrets, holidays bring new people to meet and enticing aromas from cooking/baking and more. Protect your pet from potential holiday dangers by reading our Ferret-Proof For The Holidays article. Click here>>

4. Got visitors to your house for the holidays? Warn them to be cautious with your critter friend with these fun small-animal door knob hangers. Click here>>

5. Need to entertain the kids while the parents prepare the Thanksgiving feast? Print out these coloring pages for hours of entertainment. Click here>>

6. It is Thanksgiving, and you want to share some of your feast with your pet mouse. But, is it safe for mice to eat turkey? We answer that question in our Good Table Foods For Mice article. Click here>> 

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