A College Student’s Dog

Getting a Basenji in a dog-restricted apartment is irresponsible.

Q. My brother is a college student and lives in an apartment building close to campus that permits cats but not dogs. He has decided to get a dog anyway but has chosen a Basenji because they don’t bark. What do you think about his plan?

A. Not much. If your brother really has his heart set on a dog, I suggest he find an apartment building where dogs are welcome. If he goes through with his plan, not only will he be violating the terms of his lease but the breed he has chosen, while technically “barkless,” is far from mute.

Basenjis emit an unusual “chortle” when they’re happy. It’s called a “yodel” and it is definitely audible. Basenjis can also produce a variety of other sound effects depending on their mood. They are not silent.

And what about daily walks? You can’t keep a dog hidden from view and deprive it of exercise. It’s irresponsible to purchase a dog under such conditions, knowing he may not last once suspicious tenants report your brother and his “illegal pet.”

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