A Chocolate Rabbit Over A Live Bunny For Easter

Rabbit and pet enthusiasts are urging people to consider alternatives to purchasing a live bunny for Easter.

Make Mine Chocolate. The phrase stirs the imagination. Is a milkshake being discussed, or cake? Far from it. Make Mine Chocolate is a campaign to save pet rabbits.

The Make Mine Chocolate campaign began at the Columbus House Rabbit Society in 2002. The goal was simple: “to educate the public of the challenges of properly caring for rabbits and to encourage them to purchase chocolate Easter bunnies (or stuffed toy animals) rather than live rabbits,” according to the Make Mine Chocolate website.

The same sentiment is shared by the House Rabbit Society, the American Humane Association, the Humane Society of United States and other animal organizations.

As stated by these sources, rabbits usually don’t make a good pet for young children. Rabbits generally don’t like to be picked up or cuddled. Improper handling of a rabbit could result in injury to the rabbit or the child.

Rabbits, like any pet, are a commitment. A rabbit’s life span is about 10 years. Rabbit enthusiasts believe many young children lose interest in a rabbit after a few weeks, resulting in the rabbit being banished to a cage, surrendered to a shelter or abandoned in the wild.

As the House Rabbit Society states, rabbits aren’t for everyone. The American Humane Association advises people, “After the holiday, if your family is ready for a new pet, consider an adorable adoptable dog or cat from your local animal shelter.”

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