A Cat Pub Pours in Bristol

Purrs and pints abound at The Bag O' Nails in the UK.

If pubs are your spot of choice, you’ll be excited to learn that you don’t need to pop into a cat café to mingle with kitties. You simply need to pay a visit to Bristol, UK’s The Bag O’ Nails – the first and only cat pub.

Once home to 24 cats, many of whom were adopted by pub patrons, The Bag O’ Nails now houses 15 resident felines. As the only pub of its kind, the magical spot is quickly earning a name for itself as the perfect place for cat lovers to enjoy a side of adorable animal with their spirit of choice. And feline fanciers? Well, you can direct your thanks to pub landlord, Luke Daniels.

“The reaction is mostly positive,” Daniels told Metro. “Occasionally you might have some people walking in and leaving and some might be allergic to cats but people love it.”

As do the cats – who are on the receiving end of all the TLC a feline could ever need. And when they’ve had enough love and attention from revelers, they simply spirit away upstairs where they repose until they’re ready for another round of pub merriment.

Truth: we’re contemplating booking a one way ticket to Bristol just to experience this place for ourselves!

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