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Video By ‘Cat Guru’ Explains Your Cat’s Weird Behavior

Dr. Tony Buffington's video helps you find the reasons why Kitty does that thing.

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"If you think this is weird, you should see the things you people do."

Cats can’t decide whether to go in or out of doors. Cats make weird noises at times. And some cats are so agro over people messing with their turf they’ve spawned several seasons on a show called “My Cat From Hell.”

One video is setting out to answer questions about cat behavior, according to The Washington Post. The animated TED-Ed clip called “Why do cats act so weird?” touches on some basic cat oddities: cats knocking stuff off shelves, cats cramming into boxes and cats freaking out over cucumbers.

"I'm just doing me." Via TED-Ed/YouTube

“I’m just doing me.” Via TED-Ed/YouTube

The script for the video is by Dr. Tony Buffington. In his practice, he saw that environments affected cats more strongly than they did other pets.

Your cat is keeping an eye on his environment at all times. Via TED-Ed/YouTube

Your cat is keeping an eye on his environment at all times. Via TED-Ed/YouTube

The video points out how cats react to their environments. It shows a fluffy housecat perform a “weird” behavior, then parallels it with a cat in the wild. For instance, when cats see the shape and color of cucumbers, it reminds them of their wild hunting days when snakes were competitors for hunting prey. Cats’ reactions are to flee the scene, hence why your cat freaks the eff out over cucumbers.

Cozy spots offer cats comfort. Via TED-Ed/YouTube

Cozy spots offer cats comfort. Via TED-Ed/YouTube

Boxes make cats think of cozy nooks for hiding from predators. And stuff falling off shelves harkens back to bird-hunting days. So for every “weird” behavior, there is kind of a normal explanation. There goes the mystery. (But here comes the understanding.)

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