A Cat Burglar Stalks in Oregon

For real, though – this thief is a cat.

Snorri Sturlson was named after an 11th Century Icelandic poet/historian. But instead of following in the footsteps of his namesake, the ginger kitty has taken up a life of crime in his Montavilla, Ore., neighborhood.
Found as a shivering stray during kittenhood by Gabbie Hendel, Snorri, who must make it through two cat doors to gain entry into his home, has become what you would call a klepto kitty – swiping anything and everything he can sink his teeth or claws into and drag home. His “steals” started small, a popsicle stick here, a wine cork there; but, with time, Snorri has moved onto bigger and better things – a leopard-print towel, a dog toy, socks … shoes!
“Shoes are a big deal for him right now,” Hendel told Oregon Live about the cat’s stolen goods.
And size definitely doesn’t seem to be an obstacle in his quest for great finds.
“I have seen him jump the back fence with a towel — a whole, entire towel!” Hendel says.
While Hendel hasn’t succeeded in stopping Snorri’s stealing spree, she is working on atoning for the error of his ways, and returning the goods to their rightful owners using the neighborhood Facebook page – a move which has reduced Snorri’s haul considerably (not that he won’t rebuild it again).
“Some of the neighbors have reclaimed their things, but he has moved on from the usual victims,” Hendel says.
Have you ever encountered a klepto kitty?

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