A Case for Ace Ventura?

Like something out of a movie, police officials investigate the disappearance of animals from a Los Angeles shelter.

According to LA Times, nearly 40 dogs, cats and other animals have been reported missing over the last year from the Lincoln Heights animal shelter.  To give that number some perspective, 5 other Los Angeles shelters reported a combined total of 25 animals missing within the same time frame.
Many of the missing animals (mainly dogs) were considered to be young and cute with a good chance of finding a new home. While some may have been “lost” in clerical errors, the exceptionally high number of disappearances is cause for concern for Brenda Barnette, general manager of the Animal Services Department.
With fear that these adoptable dogs were stolen and sold for a profit, Barnette skipped the call to a pet detective and went straight to the Los Angeles Police department where officials are investigating what may have occurred.  While no details of the disappearances have been uncovered yet – the animal shelter now has more locks and some new employee faces.

For more information on this story, visit the LA Times article.

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