A Canine Cancer Survivor

Piccolina, an Italian Greyhound I regularly sit for, was diagnosed a few months ago with a cancerous tumor on her leg. Luckily, her owner could afford aggressive treatment and she is doing well.

She had the tumor removed and then underwent radiation therapy. She has a scab on her leg where the tumor was, but her prognosis is good. She does try to lick the wound, so she has to wear a collar sometimes to keep her from licking the radiation site.

She doesn’t like her collar, and will go sit in the corner and sulk. Her brother, Gardel, will do everything in his power to get her out of her funk that she gets into when she wears the collar.

Recently, I stayed with them again and she seemed fine. The dogs ran around the house like they usually do. When it was time for bed, they both hopped up and snuggled under the covers. I woke up during the night with a dog spooning me on each side. I couldn’t even roll over!

I’m so glad Piccolina is well on the way to recovery. Gardel would be heartbroken if anything happened to her.

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