A Black-Footed Ferret Named Mom Continues To Help Her Species

Mom, a black-footed ferret with a legacy, continues to help her species long after her death.

Saving an endangered species isn’t cheap, no matter how big or small the species may be. And when the endangered animal lacks “big name” status, it only increases the challenge to get the public involved.

Enter a black-footed ferret named Mom. Mom was captured in 1986, at a time when very few black-footed ferrets existed in the world. She and 17 others were the basis for a captive-breeding program that continues today.

Mom’s legacy inspired members of the nonprofit group Prairie Wildlife Research to create an innovative fundraiser that ties together Mother’s Day and Endangered Species Day. It offers people the chance to own a piece of black-footed ferret history while helping to save this endangered species — but only until May 21, 2010, Endangered Species Day.

Prairie Wildlife Research is one of the organizations working to save the black-footed ferret, one of the most endangered land mammals in North America. Innovative fundraisers are just one weapon used in the fight to save this species. Travis Livieri, executive director of Prairie Wildlife Research, has blogged about some of his own efforts to save the black-footed ferret.

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