“A Birdie Bag”

I love the one liners we get in for the fill in the blank “You know you’re a bird person when …” under our Fun & Games tab. I can especially relate to this one: “You know you’re a bird person when eating food and you say, ‘My bird would love this!’” (Thanks Carol Dunn for that ditty!) I caught myself saying that when I went out to eat past Father’s Day. The rice was soft ?just like my conure likes it ?so I rolled up a bit in my paper napkin, twisting the ends to create a little rice pouch, which also made for a nice foraging toy. Yep, Ollie gobbled it up.

On more than one occasion, I have asked for the smallest to-go container (“One of those little, side of sauce ones will do,” I say), so I could bring home a bit of the organic, low-sugar corn muffin from my favorite health-conscious café, because I know that the flock loves to break it up and forage around for the crumbs. And you can bet that I’ve received some strange looks from dining companions when they’ve spied me rolling up some of the fresh leaf romaine or parsley used to garnish my plate … that’s for my rabbit. (I do make sure to take only the fresh ones and to wash them before serving, because we all know that not all garnish is equal.)

If I’m going somewhere healthy for food, I tell the pets, “I’ll bring a little something home for you,” and I swear they hold me to it when I get home, the way the scoot/hop to their treat dishes.

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