A Baby and His French Bulldog

There’s nothing more precious than a dog and his baby.

There is often a special bond between a dog and his human. It’s even more special when it’s between a dog and a baby. My friend’s dog would keep watch while her infant slept. If the baby cried, the dog alerted my friend right away. My 2-year-old nephew is more excited to see my dogs than he is to see me whenever he comes over, especially if I tell him he can give them each a treat.

The moments between a dog and child are precious. Ivette Ivens captured those moments between her baby, Dilan, and her French Bulldog, Farley, who just so happened to be born on the same day. Sounds like kismet to us and from the looks of the photos, we’re right.

Baby & French Bulldog

 All photos via Instagram

Baby & French Bulldog
Baby & French Bulldog
Baby & French Bulldog
Baby & French Bulldog

To see more photos, visit Ivette Ivens’s Instagram page.

Is there a dog and child in your life that are the best of friends? Post a photo of them together on the Dog Fancy Facebook page.

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