A 164-foot-long Aquarium In Turkey Serves As Property Fence

If you had the means to build such an aquarium, would you?

Octopus in a 164 foot long aquarium in Turkey. Screengrab from YouTube

You’ve seen the Florida Marlins aquarium behind both sides of home plate, but have you see this aquarium that serves as a fence? An MSN report shows a 164-foot-long aquarium in Cesme, Turkey that doubles as a fence to separate the owner of the home’s property line with the street.

According to the report, the house was once owned by an engineer/businessman. The report says there are about 1,000 fish in the tank, including eels, octopus, and what looks like a large school of jacks in the tank. The water in the tank is apparently run continuously through a filter or is cycled via the ocean, but the tank look grossly overcrowded and there is no protection from the sun. So the question is, if you had the means to build an aquarium that would also serve as a fence, how would you do it different from what you see in the video below.

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