9 Ways German Shepherd Dogs Unwind After A Tough Day At Work

After after a long day of saving lives, the German Shepherd just wants to relax.

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When the hardworking German Shepherd clocks out, nap time and playtime sometimes overlap. Via German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County/Facebook
Katrina Rossos

The quintessential police and military dog, the German Shepherd Dog is brave, self-assured, loyal and attentive. However, it’s unfair to label this astute herding dog as a one-note bluecoat; German Shepherds like to relax and kick up their paws when they are off the clock.

Here are nine ways German Shepherd Dogs like to unwind in their free time.

1. They enjoy long walks on the beach.

2. They catch up on their reading.

3. They play a rousing game of fetch.

4. They watch a little TV.

5. They keep cool in the kiddie pool.

6. They take a hike (literally).

7. They go for a refreshing swim in the ocean.

8. They spend time with family.

9. And finally… the heroic German Shepherd takes a well-deserved nap!

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