9 Signs Your Snowshoe Cat Owns You

When you brought home a Snowshoe as a kitty companion you didn't know you were also bringing home a new head honcho.

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When they start demanding portraits, you know you have a real Snowshoe on your hands. Via benedict.cumbercat/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Snowshoe cat is a “people kitty.” These cats relish attention and often like to take charge of a situation. Not sure what you want to do today? Don’t worry about it; your Snowshoe already has it all figured out. This cat breed enjoys being the boss of a household, leading their owners to something of kitty interest. Before you know it, your Snowshoe is telling you what to do instead of the other way around – leaving you to wonder: Do I own this cat, or does he own me?

To be sure of the answer, here are nine telltale signs your affectionate Snowshoe cat is the owner of you.

1. They lead you to a guitar and demand to be serenaded.

Via alexiba/Instagram

“You better not play Dave Matthews.” Via alexiba/Instagram

2. Their assumed position is lying on their back and staring at you until you comply with their relentless tummy rub demands.

Via hidrocarbonetos/Instagram

“In 10 seconds I’ll just attack your hand.” Via hidrocarbonetos/Instagram

3. They implore you to open up their favorite treats. 

Via Michael Frank Franz/Flickr

“Open the treats right meow.” Via Michael Frank Franz/Flickr

4. They commandeer your scarf to alert you to the chill in the air — a surefire way to get you to turn up the heat!

Via home_james/Instagram

“I mean, let’s face it. It looks better on me anyway.” Via home_james/Instagram

5. Not sure if you’ve posted enough selfies for the day? Your Snowshoe decides for you.

Via snowshoe cats!/Facebook

“Enough with the duck lips. Rub my belly.” Via snowshoe cats!/Facebook

6. They refuse to let you eat carbs.

Via snowshoe cats!/Facebook

“You’ll have a salad and like it.” Via snowshoe cats!/Facebook

7. When Animal Planet’s “Big Cat Diary” is on, all bets are off.

Via nata30/Instagram

“Go ahead and try to take the remote. I dare ya.” Via nata30/Instagram

8. Their eyes tell you they rule with an iron paw.

Via Salt Lake County Animal Services/Petcha

“Because I said so, that’s why.” Via Salt Lake County Animal Services/Petcha

9. Still, they crumble when you show them love and acquiescence.

Via paulovasaltos/Instagram

“I love being the little spoon.” Via paulovasaltos/Instagram

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