9 Secrets To Having Great Hair As Told By Himalayan Cats

Your Himalayan cat may just know more about hair care than you do.

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It’s all about the fluff. Via bb8thecat /Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Himalayan cats have a lot of fur. A lot. In fact, Himalayans have so much fur that they need to be brushed once a day to prevent matting. And with all that hair maintenance comes some well-versed knowledge on how to primp.

So, before you hit the hair salon, consider these nine hair care tips from Himalayan cats with the most luxurious coats.

1. Always use a round brush at the ends to get that Farrah “Pawcett” vibe.

“Warning: If you can’t get it perfect, that’s because your hair is not as great as mine.”

2. A little sea salt spray will give you some texture on the beard.

“Pro tip: Use Himalayan salt.”

3. Lying in the sun will give you great natural highlights.

“A little lemon juice will lighten up your hair a little bit faster.”

4. Throw a little raw egg in your conditioning treatment. Your hair will be soft and fluffy in no time.

“Fluffy hair is enviable hair, remember that.”

5. It’s easy to forget about those paws, but keep them elevated so they don’t get matted.

“Try skin conditioning gloves to keep those paws well moisturized.”

6. When you get lots of sleep, your tail stays extra shiny.

“Cats need 14-16 hours… write that down.”

7. Sometimes you’ve just got to shell out the big bucks for a legit stylist.

“Don’t take too much off the tail, Antoine.”

8. Keep the volume on your teased belly fur longer by sleeping on your back.

“I’m bringing the teased look back, ladies.”

9. And once in a while, you have to take a bath.

“Can you get that camera out of my face, please? This is embarrassing.”

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