9 Reasons To Be Thrilled Your Vizsla Smells Great

Is that a bouquet of roses? Nope, that's just your Vizsla!

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When a sweet-smelling Vizsla nestles into your blankets, it's not a problem! Via Dorothyloveshard/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Compared to some other breeds, the Vizsla has been described as the dog with little smell. The doggy odor you’ve come to appreciate as part of the charm of, say, a Basset Hound, is not a characteristic you have to accept when you own this energetic Hungarian breed. Vizsla owners claim the dog does not produce an offensive odor, despite the pooch’s rampant pep. And, who wants to spend days sudsing up your pup when you can be out at the dog park or snuggling up on the sofa?

So, why are Vizsla owners super-pleased their canine companion is clean and sweet smelling? Here are nine reasons:

1. Vizslas love to sleep in your bed. No further explanation necessary.

2. They run. A lot. So, the fact that they won’t stink up the place afterwards? Awesome!

3. They are the “Velcro” of dogs — they are always attached to your hip. And now you don’t have to worry about your hip becoming stinky.

4. They hog your favorite spot on the couch on the daily.

5. You don’t have to get in the bath with them every week.

6. They’ve been known to borrow your sweaters without asking.

7. Because you could never, ever give up those nightly snuggle sessions!

8. And when they nap with your kids, you don’t have to worry about your child smelling “dog-like.”

9. Also, they have an excellent sense of smell. So they’re happy they don’t smell too shabby either!

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