9 Reasons Pixiebobs Are More Like Dogs Than Cats

Want a dog, but your apartment only allows cats? Get a Pixiebob!

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Sometimes a cat just wants to be a dog. Via voyagesofagape/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Pixiebob is not your typical house cat. With a bobbed tail and a strong likelihood of being polydactyl (having more than the usual number of toes), the Pixiebob is unusual in appearance, but it is their personality that makes them even more special. This breed is playful, intelligent, trainable — they’re basically a dog dressed up in a cat costume. So even if you consider yourself more of “dog person,” the Pixiebob might just be the perfect pet for you.

Here are nine reasons why the Pixiebob is one of the most doglike cat breeds.

1. They like to be walked on a leash.

2. They play fetch.

3. They can’t wait for you to come home…

4. …And run to greet you when you do.

5. They beg for food. 

6. They liked to have their ears scratched. (OK, both cats and dogs like that, but still.)

7. Some of their best friends are dogs.

8. They like to play with water.

9. They’re loyal friends.

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