9 Dogs Who Don’t Enjoy Shark Week

With everyone in a craze for shark week, it's only appropriate we give dogs a chance to celebrate (or commiserate) too.

While the world goes crazy for Shark Week it’s only fair that we let the dog’s in on it too. Although these dogs aren’t quite so sure what they think about it.

See how dog’s take a bite out of Shark Week:

1. Shark?! Where?!

Shark Week


2. I’ll tell you what I think of those sharks. I’ll give em the old one two, see. (Watch this one till the end- it’s well worth it.)


3. “What do these Sharks  have that I don’t have? When’s Pug week?”


Pug Shark



4. Dog vs Air Shark



5. “I is a Shark too. Put me on the show.”

Shark Week

Photo by Melissa Kauffman



 6. If you can’t beat em, join em. “Shark week? I got this!”


Shark life jacket

Photo from Technabob



7. “Put it on they said, it will be funny they said…”


Shark Corgi


8. Not funny guys, who told Larry to wear the Walrus suit?


Walrus dog

“You guys said you’d be dressed like seals… What do you mean it’s Shark Week?!?!”  


 9. The scariest shark of them all: Cat Shark



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