84-Year-Old Woman’s Christmas Wish Comes True After Asking Santa For A Dog

Ann Upton's letter to Santa was intercepted by one of Santa's elves, who worked with a rescue organization to make her wish come true.

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All Ann Upton wanted for Christmas was a dog of her own. Via WKRC/Twitter

In the eternally lovely Christmas song simply known as, um, “The Christmas Song,” Nat King Cole wishes a Merry Christmas to kids from one to 92, hinting that they all know Santa will be coming on his sleigh. An 84-year-old Michigan woman still believes in Santa and, after writing him a letter, WWMT reports that her one Christmas wish has come true.

Ann Upton always decorates her home for the holidays, even though she doesn’t have anyone to share it with. Hoping to change that, she picked up a pen and composed a letter that she sent straight to the North Pole.

“Dear Santa, you may think I’m dumb,” she wrote. “I’m 84 and live alone. Could it be possible that you would bring me a Chihuahua pet?”

Santa – along with a USPS worker – came through, delivering a dog named Ladybug. Via WWMT/Twitter

Santa — along with a USPS worker — came through, delivering a dog named Ladybug. Via WWMT/Twitter

Her letter caught the attention of one big-hearted elf at the local post office, a woman who has been known to help Santa out by reading some of his mail. After reading Upton’s words, postal worker Nila Dubas contacted Furever Fosters, a local rescue organization, to try to find a dog for the great-grandmother of 13.

“It took me a while to be able to come across caring people that would actually help me put this together for [her],” Dubas told WWM.

Dubas, Furever Fosters and a second group, Senior Sitters for Critters, came through. They found a Chihuahua named Ladybug who was donated to Upton, just in time for Christmas.

“Everybody, somebody is Santa Claus somewhere in the world,” Upton said.

And now she and Ladybug can enjoy her beautiful decorations, together.

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