80s Style Leotards Help Combat Shedding And Make Your Dog Look Jazz-errific

The Shed Defender is a basically a unitard for your dog that’s designed to keep his loose hair from ending up all over you and your stuff.

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The Shed Defender comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Via Shed Defender
Stephanie Brown

Having pet hair on all of your furniture, clothes and car is all part of being a dog owner. There are things you can do to reduce shedding, like regular grooming, but for many of us, walking out of the house looking like you just wrestled with Yeti is a part of life and we accept it.

But if you’ve found yourself wishing there was something else — ANYTHING! — that can be done to further reduce the number of tumbleweeds blowing across your kitchen floor, the Shed Defender may be the solution for you.

The Shed Defender is a full body suit your dog wears to trap his loose fur, preventing it from ending up on the floor and all over your stuff. According to its website, the suit also prevents dogs from getting dirty outside, keeps them warm in cold weather and, thanks to its tight fit, has a calming effect (on the dog. You, however, might start laughing uncontrollably).

Downward dog never looked so good.

Downward dog never looked so good. Via Shed Defender

Sure, it may look like your dog just stepped out of a Jane Fonda workout tape, but think of all the money you’ll save on lint brushes.

And hey, if you can tolerate the weird looks you’ll get while taking your four-legged Fonda out on a walk, then you deserve to live (virtually) fur-free.

Feel the burning desire not to have dog hair all over everything.

Feel the burning desire not to have dog hair all over everything.

Inventor Tyson Walters told Mashable that the idea for the Shed Defender, which starts at $44.99, came to him about six or seven years ago when he was struggling with his St. Bernard’s shedding.

“No matter how much I brushed and groomed her, she still left tumbleweeds of hair in my house and even worse, in my car,” he said.

Walters told Mashable he couldn’t find a solution, so he decided to make one.

Some critics have raised questions about the suit’s breathability and whether it prevents dogs from shedding. But Walter told Mashable the suit is made from a breathable mesh (think Under Armor) and that it simply traps loose hairs — it does not stop the shedding process, he said.

Bonus: Your dog will always be ready to join you in a quick aerobics sesh. And that may be all the motivation you need to start sweating to the oldies.

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