8 Ways To Deal With Loud Parrots

Parrots are loud. Here's how to get some peace and quiet.

Stop the screams with simple steps. Via Gina Cioli/Lumina Media

Parrots like to make noise. Take advantage of that by teaching your parrot noises and sounds.

Are your birds loud all day long or just at certain times? Birds naturally sound off in the morning, early evening and when alarmed about something. Accept that your bird isn’t going to be quiet all the time, and learn to live with some noisy intervals throughout the day. Here are some tips for keeping down the noise in between.


Calm down. Have you ever noticed that your birds are noisier when you’re angry or tense?


Lower the volume inside your home. Are televisions, video games, radios, power tools, children and dogs sounding off all at once? Your bird just wants to join in the fun!


Invest in some “silencers.” I cut millet into short lengths and hand them out to the birds (small or large!) during particularly raucous sessions. Pine nuts in the shell, foraging toys and small wood foot toys work well, too.


Whisper when you talk to noisy birds. Some birds, especially cockatoos, will likely learn to whisper back.


Are you considering adding another bird to your flock? Two birds of the same species will often be noisier together because they speak the same language.


Sometimes being near your bird can quiet her. My four Amazons routinely scream and yell in concert for no apparent reason, but what they’re clamoring for is me. They just want me in sight. When nothing else works, I just stand between their cages for a few minutes until they get bored and move on to something else.


Need a little more quiet time in the morning? Use a dark-colored cover on your bird’s cage. Keep your bird to a regular bedtime, and install room-darkening shades on the windows in the bird area.


If neighbors complain about the noise, try introducing them to your bird. Once they’re become entranced with your pet, they may be less likely to object to the noise. A friend who lives in an apartment house solved noise issues by acquainting everyone on her floor with her birds. I have an unspoken truce with my neighbors. They don’t complain about my parrots, and I don’t complain about their barking dogs!

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