8 Ways The Shiba Inu Is More Cat Than Dog 

Looking for your dog to do your bidding? Then the Shiba is not the right match.

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Shiba Inus don’t meow, but they clearly speak cat. Via ba_nessa/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

If you are a cat lover and looking to branch out into canine territory, the Shiba Inu may be your perfect pup-panion because they are basically a cat in dog’s clothing. This smart, lively Japanese native looks like a fox, but has a cat-like personality — they are independent, curious and playful. But that’s not all. A number of other feline traits pepper this dog’s personality, making the breed a great match for any cat lover.

Here are eight ways the Shiba Inu channels Felix more than Snoopy.

1. They are independent and don’t always listen.

“I’m sorry, did you want something?”

2. They are extremely clean and they want it done right, so they do it themselves.

“You never get in between my paw pads.”

3. Although, like cats, sometimes they clean each other.

“You’ve got a little schmutz.”

4. They have been known to plop down in a box.

“If I fits, I sits!”

5. They love to chase feathers on a string, which is a very popular toy among the cat community.

“You’re not playing right, Scout. You have to spin and flip!”

6. They like to be in charge.

“Shhh, that’s enough out of you, Tommy. I’m watching my stories.”

7. They often hide under beds or couches.

“Were you looking for me? Cause I’m busy right now.”

8. They have no qualms about climbing trees, like any curious cat-like dog!

“Just because I don’t have gripping claws doesn’t mean I can’t climb!”

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