8 Ways Pugs Show Their Stubborn Side

The Pug is an independent pup who sometimes lets those commands go in one ear and out the other.

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This little Pug does what he wants. And right now that doesn't involve walking. Via ocpugbrothers/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The comical and lovable Pug is eager to please in most situations. But there are times when this toy breed can be a little bit stubborn. Because Pugs are smart, they often march to the beat of their own drummer. Yes, they know what you want, but, no, they just don’t want to listen! Listening is for the other breeds.

Here are eight ways Pugs can be a little, shall we say, headstrong:

1. They will not take another step once they’ve reached their limit.

2. They refuse to take off a fabulous outfit.

3. They defy the “No Swimming Without a Lifeguard” sign.

4. They put on the breaks when you try to drag them anywhere they are not interested in going. Like the ocean.

5. Despite your warnings, they will eat your ice cream the minute you turn your head.

6. They reject the idea of stairs. Unless there is a treat involved.

7. They will only let go of whatever is in their mouth when a better thing to put in their mouth presents itself.

8. An alarm is for suckers. Pugs will get up when they’re good and ready.

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