8 Ways Cane Corsos Shows Off Their Italian Side

Like any Italian, Cane Corsos know you're nothing without your family.

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They come from big families. Via miranda.c.d/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Cane Corso is a descendent of a Roman warrior dog, which means their loyalty and protective nature is hardwired into their genes. And just like their old guarding skills are innate, so too are their Italian idiosyncrasies. What do we mean? Let’s just say the Cane Corso will never say no to a bowl of pasta!

Here are eight ways the Cane Corso acts like a citizen of Rome.

1. They like to “communicate” with their paws.

2. They love to play soccer, but they call it football.

3. Italians are said to be very adoring, and Cane Corsos are excellent snugglers.

4. They can’t resist a fancy sports car, even if it’s just their bed.

5. They love their mamas.

6. They’ve nailed their high-fashion model poses.

7. They have a definite love of food.

8. And even when they squabble with siblings, they know it’s all about family!

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