8 Ways American Bobtails Make Great Psychiatrists

No need to call a therapist. The American Bobtail is here to help.

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"Welcome, human. Step into my office." Via toexcutter/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The American Bobtail is different than most cats because they are naturally born with a bobbed, or short tail, which is the result of a genetic mutation. They are said to be sensitive to human emotions and can sense when their owner needs a little extra love and affection. And because of their understanding, adaptable and patient nature, they have often been used in pet therapy.

Here are eight ways American Bobtails can help you sort through your issues — without the hefty price tag.

1. They invite you to join them on their psychiatrist’s couch.

2. They teach you phenomenal stress relief techniques.

3. They understand what it feels like to get the aggression out.

4. When you’re down, they know a great snuggle and hug can do wonders.

5. They will listen and listen and listen… until they fall asleep.

6. They know a good yoga stretch can center the self.

7. They will do what they can to protect you when you need it.

8. And sometimes all they have to do is roll over and let you pet them, because honestly, petting a cat is the best medicine.

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