8 Somali Cats Who Are Training To Be Detectives

The Somali is a curious cat breed. They're basically the Sherlock Holmes of the feline world.

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A Somali will never just walk past something; a thorough investigation is always in order. Via keisuke4213/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

You will never have a dull day with a Somali. This perceptive and energetic cat is always looking for the next entertaining activity – and is willing to literally open doors to find it! Not only do they resemble a fox with their bushy tail, Somali’s are just as sly and smart as the clever canine. Their insatiable curiosity make them incredible sleuths who never turn away from a puzzling mystery.

Here are eight Somali cats that are using their snooping skills to become better private eyes.

1. “I am going to have to confiscate this fluffy, blue ball and play with it for further investigation.”

2. “Don’t bother sifting through this box, there are no treats in here.”

3. “Watching the neighbors is never boring. You can learn a lot about a person by how they sort their recyclables.”

4. “It appears that when you press this lever in a downward motion, water spews out. What an intriguing find.”

5. “I have learned that the best hiding spots are the most inconspicuous. No one would expect a feline to be hanging in a panda bag.”

6. “This cat in the mirror looks a little suspicious…”

7. “Sometimes you have to grease some paws and do a little bribing to get the information you need.”

8. “The worst part about a day of snooping is worrying about someone watching YOU when you sleep!”

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