8 Signs Your Maltese Is A True Aristocrat

If a royal canine did exist, the blue-blooded Maltese would surely have a claim to the throne.

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This is a jeweled crown befitting the highest in doggy nobility. Via Maltese “R” Us-Everything Maltese Dog Related/Facebook
Katrina Rossos

The little Maltese has a big aristocratic history. This toy breed from Malta has been held in high regard for more than 2,000 years. Proof of their veneration comes in many forms: The ancient Greeks erected tombs for them, the ancient Egyptians constructed statues of them, they appeared in a innumerable paintings and the famous poet Martial wrote about Roman governor Publius’ pet Maltese. Their aristocratic lineage continued when both Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots are said to have taken a liking to the noble pooch.

Since the Maltese has always been a lapdog of the rich and famous, the roughly 7-pound pup is nothing if not cultured and well-mannered.

Do any of the following behaviors sound familiar? If so, than your Maltese is simply living up to their “aristocrat of the dog world” moniker.

1. They enjoy afternoon tea and an occasional crumpet.

2. They read “Robert’s Rules of Order” to ensure government meetings are conducted fairly.

3. They patiently wait until everyone at the table receives their food before digging in.

4. Their hygiene and beauty regimen matches that of a royal.

5. They instinctively hold their heads high. Always.

6. They are pros at looking prim and standing still for portraits. *Snap! Snap!*

7. They use “summer” as a verb. And they do it in the Hamptons.

8. Finally, if their proper etiquette and sophisticated behaviors don’t offer proof of their aristocratic background, they make sure they at least dress the part!

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