8 Signs Your Havanese Missed Their Last Grooming Appointment

When that Havanese coat is starting to look a little haggard, it's time to call in the big spray-guns!

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Windblown is not a good look on the Havanese. Via vintrlikovicnikolka/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Havanese is almost the perfect dog: They are highly affectionate, trainable, energetic and little goofballs. But, there is one thing you have to deal with to have such a wonderful breed — their grooming.

The Havanese has a long, silky double coat that is prone to tangles and picking up debris. It should be brushed out several times per week, even if you choose to keep their hair cut short. If not, your Havanese will start to look like a cross between a tumbleweed and an ’80s prom queen.

Here are eight signs your Havanese is due for a trip to the groomers.

1. They are starting to look like Albert Einstein.

2. They look like they borrowed your crimper (why do you still have one?).

3. Their eyebrows are beginning to resemble Gandalf the Grey’s from “The Lord of the Rings.”

4. They have chronic bed head.

5. You start to realize that one hair tie just isn’t cutting it.

6. Their hair is starting to cord… and not on purpose.

7. Their “blonde” highlights have grown out.

8. They have resorted to wearing hats.


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