8 Signs Your Bernese Mountain Dog Just Wants To Be Part Of The Family

If you have a Bernese Mountain Dog, then you probably know how much this breed loves their human family and considers themselves part of the clan.

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You can never have a family photo that doesn’t include your Bernese Mountain Dog. Via kea.the.berner/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a big dog with an even bigger heart. This loyal and affectionate breed is extremely devoted to their human family. That’s because Berners, as they are lovingly called, pretty much think they are part of the family. And not just in the sense that they are the family dog. Oh no. They see themselves as an actual member of the fam — an honorary human, if you will.

Here are eight signs your Berner fully expects their vote to count during family meetings.

1. They make sure your vacations plan include a canine companion.

2. They coordinate their naps with the baby.

3. They volunteer to be a part of their human siblings’ school play.

4. They want their own J.C. Penny portraits hanging on your hallway wall. 

5. A relative’s birthday? They are all set to celebrate! Where’s the cake?

6. Even running errands won’t keep these Berners from tagging along. (They’re often more helpful than your actual kids).

7. They feel the need to photobomb all pictures in which they are not included.

8. No matter how young, the Bernese Mountain Dog will instinctively want to be a part of a family road trip — especially when hugs are involved!

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