8 Signs of a Healthy Puppy

Being a new puppy owner can be a challenge but here are few tips to let you know your puppy is healthy.

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Puppies1. Eyes: A puppys eyes should look clear and shiny. There shouldn’t be any signs of cloudiness or discharge from the eyes. 

2. Ears: Do the pups ears look and smell clean? The inside of the ear should not look red or inflammed. Any odor or brown discharge could signal an infection. 

3. Nose: It should be slightly moist to the touch, but there should not be excessive discharge. The puppy should not be sneezing or sniffling persistently. 

4. Skin and coat: The puppys coat should be soft and shiny, without flakes or excessive shedding. Watch out for patches or missing hair, redness, bumps or sores. The pup should have a pleasant smell. Check for parasites, such as fleas or ticks. 

5. Rear end: It should be free from debris and fecal matter. 

6. Abdomen: You should be able to feel the puppys ribs, but the ribs shouldn’t poke out. The tummy can be round, but not swollen or potbellied. 

7. Kennel and bedding area: This should be a relatively tidy area. Watch out for signs of diarrhea or vomiting. 

8. Behavior: A healthy puppy may be sleepy, but not lethargic. A healthy puppy will be playful at times, not isolated in a corner. You should see occasional bursts of energy and interaction with littermates. When its mealtime, a healthy puppy will take an interest in its chow.

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