8 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, offers information on why cats should stay inside the home.

Cats should stay inside, in my opinion. I think cats live healthier, happier lives indoors. The outside world can be hazardous in so many ways — and then there is always the wandering cat who explores too far. I remember a client who lived in Queens, a New York City borough. She let her “corpulent” cat Sammy outside. One morning the cat left and did not return. My client was very upset, particularly because her cat had no collar or ID (readers if your cats go out please make sure they have collars with IDs).

About a month later Sammy showed up on her front door minus his extra weight and wearing a collar. Some family must have taken him in and put him on a diet-which he obvious didn’t care for so he returned! This story has a happy ending but in truth very few cats that go missing are ever returned to their loving owners. Safeguard yours by keeping them inside your home.

Here are 8 good reasons to keep your cats inside.

1. Outdoor cats are prey to parasites such as fleas, ticks, worms and more.

2. Serious injuries can result from fighting with other outdoor cats.

3. Indoor cats have less exposure to diseases such as FIV and FELV

4. Poisons and chemicals such as antifreeze, rock salt and lawn treatments can cause illness or death if ingested.

5. Moving vehicles such as cars and trucks are very dangerous.

6. Attacks by dogs and wildlife are a constant threat to cats.

7. Exposure to extreme cold weather can result in cat frostbite and hyperthermia.

8. A lost cat might not be able to find her way home.

As always I welcome your comments and stories.


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