8 Reasons Why Your Siamese Cat Talks So Much

Being a good listener is a prerequisite for any Siamese cat owner.

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Once they start, they just can’t stop! Via snowshoepiglet/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

There is no chattier kitty than the Siamese cat. This ancient Asian breed are very people-oriented, and more than anything else, they want their people to know exactly what they are thinking. At all times. Have you ever wondered why your Siamese feline keeps on meowing?

Here are eight reasons why your Siamese is chatting you up.

1. Because they’ve seen what your “secret ingredient” is. And they need everyone to know.

2. Because they are tired of listening to you drone on about your workplace drama. Nobody cares, Susan.

3. Because they can’t stop bragging about their new high score. 

4. Because they want you to acknowledge how cute they are. Always. 

5. Because they spy on the neighbors. And live to tell their dirty secrets!

6. Because they want you to hear all about their vivid dream from last night.

7. Because this dry food is not doing the trick.

8. But mainly because they just want to tell you how much they love you.

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