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8 Reasons Portuguese Water Dogs Are Excellent Fishermen

If you're looking to catch a big one, the Portuguese Water Dog is your best bait.

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Without a second thought, the Portuguese Water Dog will leap for a moving fish. Via gilliganthepwd/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

When the word “water” is actually in the breed’s name, it’s impossible to ignore what the dog was bred for and what they love — the water.

The Portuguese Water Dog was originally a seafaring dog, bred to help fisherman corral fish into their owner’s nets or retrieve lost tackle. They even were couriers between ships, swimming over rolled up messages from ship to ship. That maritime and fishing know-how is still a part of the Portuguese Water Dog, and they have no qualms about showing off their angling skills.

Here are eight reasons why the Portuguese Water Dog is an outstanding rod man.

1. They’re good at spotting fish in the water.

2. They’ve mastered the salty dog look.

3. They love life on a boat.

4. They definitely don’t mind being wet.

5. Their beautiful, curly fur will keep them warm in frigid waters.

6. They are at home in freshwater — gotta get that catfish!

7. And can snag a fish in the saltwater.

8. Lastly, they have no problem getting up early for that first catch.

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