8 Puppies Go Swimming For The First Time, And It’s Just As Glorious As You’d Expect

These Golden Retriever pups enter into uncharted waters on their first swim ever, and it's all kinds of clumsy and cute.

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A few puppies dive right in. The others... not so much.

Thinking before acting is a process you’d assume is specific to humans… and you would be wrong.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user Lisa Goebel in February (but is still pulling in attention from the Internet), eight Golden Retriever puppies go for their first swim ever, and for some, it’s not as easy as “diving right in.”

Almost all of the puppies, who are gathered at Rummy’s Beach Club in Texas, exercise caution and sidestep the mysterious liquid at first.

What IS this place?! Via YouTube

“What IS this place?!” Via YouTube

Once they get a little more used to their environment, some of them walk straight into the water, and a couple others jump in, puppy-face first.

Annnnnd PLOP. Via YouTube

Annnnnd PLOP. Via YouTube

But there are still a few who are hesitant. We realize dogs experience fear, but these guys are puppies who don’t yet know about the evils of the world. They live for snuggles, running around and big bowls of kibble. What do they have to be afraid of?

Hmm... I just don't know about this, you guys. Via YouTube

“Hmm… I just don’t know about this, you guys.” Via YouTube

Perhaps they’re the more logical members of the group? The ones who have a healthy fear of cats (as they should, because cats can take advantage of their dog friends at any moment). Or the ones that enter a new place and require time to get comfortable, which is actually something we can relate to. Fraidy-pups, we feel you!

No, no, no, NO. I changed my mind! Via YouTube

“No, no, no, NO. I changed my mind!” Via YouTube

But as the swim lesson goes on, more and more throw caution to the wind and hop into the pool, splashing about.

My turn! Via YouTube

“My turn!” Via YouTube

Something tells us swim lesson No. 2 will go much smoother.

CannonBALLLLL. Via YouTube

“CannonBALLLL!” Via YouTube

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