8 Pembroke Welsh Corgis Who Don’t Let Their Stubby Legs Stop Them

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi may be short, there's definitely no shortage of spunk. 

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Never tell a Corgi he’s too short to do something. He’ll prove you wrong. Via Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue/Petcha
Katrina Rossos

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is almost twice as long as he is tall. Despite his petite stature, this tenacious little dog has a “can do” attitude. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was originally bred to herd cattle and is fast and agile. When you couple that with his incredible intelligence, this adventurous breed believes he can do anything.

Here are eight Pembroke Welsh Corgis who don’t let their little legs hold them back.

1. Camping is a favorite pastime of this Pembroke Welsh Corgi, no matter how high those darn tent flaps can be!

2. Can’t see what’s going on? This Corgi will simply stand on a table to stay in the mix.

3. Short legs are not stopping this Pembroke Welsh Corgi from doing a long jump into the pool.

4. This Pembroke Welsh Corgi refuses to miss brunch just because the table is a little high.

5. This Corgi may be small, but he can still tame the most majestic of beasts.

6.  A little snow won’t stop this Corgi from enjoying an outdoor romp.

7. Despite his tiny legs, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi always seems to make it atop your King-sized mattress for a snooze.

8. And finally, they do not let their small legs stop them from giving out the best of hugs!

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