8 Parrots Who Love To Eat

These birds love food as much as we do.

Some pet birds like to eat all the food. Via 3_little_tweeters/Instagram

A parrot has got to eat, and these parrots are getting their nom on. First, we have this lineolated parakeet, munching on some fruit.

And this cockatiel wants their food, and will shred paper impatiently.

This cockatiel is a vegetable monster.

This conure loves broccoli! 

Mmmm broccoli! #conures #conuresofinstagram #parrots #parrotsofinstagram

A photo posted by Azuki, Lily, and Me (@littleparrotletblog) on

These conures love their food.

This hyacinth macaw and blue-and-gold macaw are foraging on the floor.

This African grey just tried eggs!

This lovebird is posing with some pretty fruits.

Hi there! ?? Posing for my mom her Instagram ?? look at all that delicious food! Yummy!!

A photo posted by Boeddha (@birdboeddha) on

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