8 Manx Cats Masquerading As Bunny Rabbits

With a stumpy tail, rounded back and stocky legs, the Manx looks a lot like a bunny.

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Sometimes it seems like the Manx is half cat, half bunny. Via ganderful8/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

If you look at a Manx cat too quickly, you just might think you saw a rabbit. The stub tail, rounded back and long, sturdy legs all contribute to the bunny-like appearance. In fact, the breed’s likeness to rabbits is so uncanny that some people insist the Manx is a result of breeding a cat with a rabbit. In reality, Manx cats look the way they do because of a genetic mutation.

Here are eight Manx cats posing as bouncy bunnies.

1. This one is dreaming of carrot-shaped catnip.

2. Is this a Manx backside or a bunny backside? This kitty is in full camouflage mode!

3. This Manx kitten is ready to hippity-hop over the pillow.

4. A mid-bound Manx with moxie makes us smile.

5. This Manx kitten literally hops up the steps.

6. Little Bunny Foo-Foo sitting on a little couch.

7. Shhh, you don’t want to startle a bunny cat in the wild.

8. That’s a big bunny hop!

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