8 Giant Ways Mastiffs Will Change Your Life

When it comes to the Mastiff, big love comes in the form of a gargantuan package.

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When you own a dog this big, there’s bound to be some adjustments. Via Canine Rescue Coalition/Petcha
Katrina Rossos

When it comes to sheer canine mass, there is no beating the Mastiff. While some breeds may be taller, the Mastiff topples over all other breeds in bulk — with their average weight being comparable to that of an average human. While their big heart and docile demeanor are some of the main reasons this breed is so loved, bigger is not always better when it comes to certain things — and much better when it comes to others!

Here are some ways Mastiffs will leave a giant paw print on your life.

1. They’ll take up the whole couch, so you might just have to buy another one for yourself.

2. You’ll find puddles of drool everywhere.

3. You’ll shell out for an SUV, but the backseat still won’t be big enough.

4. You won’t need to buy your kids a lounge chair because your Mastiff will double as one.

5. You will catch them “borrowing” your shoes — and the shoes will actually fit!

6. Your legs will go numb every time they attempt to be a lap dog.

7. You’ll NEVER have leftovers.

8. And, finally, your English Mastiff will make you realize the value of giant hugs.

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