8 English Springer Spaniels Who Live For The Great Outdoors

If you are looking to just loaf around watching Netflix with a dog, the English Springer Spaniel is not your speed of breed.

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If there is a duck involved, the English Springer Spaniel is game. Via cameragirl1961/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The English Springer Spaniel has boundless energy and is an enthusiastic and tenacious field worker. The fastest of all the spaniels, this breed loves to run and participate in agility exercises. Ready to spring forward at a moment’s notice, the English Springer Spaniel is not only energetic, but has the endurance to hunt, fish, track, swim, hike, run and play all day long — and would prefer to do those activities in the open air!

Here are eight English Springer Spaniels who would rather be romping in meadows, swimming in bodies of water or climbing mountains than being couch potatoes.

1. “Why would I want to watch HGTV when I could be frolicking among real wildflowers!”

2. “Why do I spend so much time outdoors? Because flushing game is my cardio.”

3. “Nothing beats feeling the wind ruffle my feathered fur.”

4. “A week at the lake trumps ‘Shark Week’ every time.”

5. “It’s impossible not to stop and smell the grass after a spring rain.”

6. “Forget ordering from Long John Silvers. I’ll catch us our own fish!”

7. “I don’t care if I catch the fish or if my human catches it. If I’m outside and with my best friend, I am one happy Springer!”

8. “I love being outdoors, because there are endless possibilities for adventure… and that is food for this Springer’s soul.”

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