8 Colorpoint Shorthairs Who Are Sensitive To Your Needs

These perceptive felines recognize what you’re feeling and what you want.

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“I’m almost done warming these pillows up for you.” Via tobias_inc/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Colorpoint Shorthair is active, vocal and demands a lot of attention. They are chatty kitties who hate to be ignored, following their owners around and meowing on and on about their day. However, Colorpoints, which are closely related to Siamese cats, are also very sensitive to their owner’s moods; they know just what you need at a particular moment and are never short on friendly advice.

Here are eight Colorpoint Shorthair cats who know what you need and are ready to lend a paw.

 1. “I know you cry every time you watch ‘The Notebook,’ so I’m going to snuggle up on your lap this time.”

2. “Let’s keep the smiles rolling! Silly selfie!”

3. “Sounds like you had a rough day. Let me hear all about it.”

4. “You sound a little stuffy, so I opened the window.”

5. “Let’s turn that frown upside down. A stuffed mouse should help!”

6. “You look exhausted. I’ll make the bed!”

7. “The laundry was starting to pile up, so I took care of it for you.”

8. “I can tell you’re tired of my spiel. I’ll just sit quietly now, human.”

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