8 Clues Your Turkish Angora Hates To Be Ignored

Do not even think about snubbing a Turkish Angora, because you’re eventually going to have to do damage control.

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If you get too busy, you’re Turkish Angora may begin to plot revenge. Via sarahhh777/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Turkish Angoras are sensitive cats who love being the center of attention. But beware: When they feel they are being ignored, they will do everything they can to make sure you start noticing them. And they’re pretty smart about it, too. Mischief becomes the name of the game when an Angora is not getting what he wants, so your top priority should be keeping him pleased!

Here are eight clues your Turkish Angora may be feeling left out of the mix:

1. Looks like this are becoming more and more commonplace.

2. They will steal and hoard your work papers when you’re not around.

3. They start taking compromising photographs of you when you are not looking for blackmail purposes.

4. They are not against making a loud screech on your precious violin in order to be noticed.

5. When you are not around… they are watching you.

6. They will shimmy their way through your knitted blanket so you stop watching Netflix and get back to petting.

7. They refuse to let you watch TV if you’ve been distant lately.

8. And when all else fails, they assume their undeniably cute position — which no one can ignore!


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