8 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes For Dogs And Cats

From Princess Leia to a shark to a Chia Pet, these DIY Halloween costumes will make your dog or cat the cutest four-legged trick-or-treater on the block.

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Get creative this Halloween by making a costume for your pet.
Tamar Arslanian

Halloween is right around the corner — do you know what your pet will be this year? If not, don’t fret! We’ve rounded up eight of the best DIY costumes for both dogs and cats. You’re sure to find something spook-tacular no matter your skill level (or your pet’s tolerance level, for that matter). Just click on the links for detailed instructions.

Dog Costumes

1. Star Wars Ensemble

Courtesy of Makezine.com

Courtesy of Makezine.com

Last Halloween saw an overdose of Yoda ears. This year, get more creative by turning your canine into an Ewok, Princess Leia or Darth Vadar. Or, if you have three dogs, a Star Wars ensemble. This post from Makezine.com provides step-by-step directions for all three costumes, with some requiring a little bit of sewing ability and others none at all. May the force be with you.

2. Hipster Dog

Courtesy of Crafstylish.com

Courtesy of Craftstylish.com

If your pup is too cool for school, this is the perfect outfit for him. Craftstylish.com shows you how to recycle an old sweater that will not only keep your dog warm, but also will make him look like a total hipster. Now if you could just get him to carry a mug of coffee and done a pair of black-frame glasses…

3. Chia Pet Pup

Courtesy of theflirtyguide

Courtesy of I Found The Place

This costume from I Found The Place (formerly The Flirty Blog) requires a high level of patience from your dog. But blogger Stacie Tamaki claims her pooch scores “dog treats, toys, lunch meat and hot dogs” when wearing this adorable Chia Pet creation!

4. Hula Dancer

Courtesy of Family Pet

Courtesy of FamilyPet

If your pup isn’t ready to let summer go, this is the perfect outfit for her. And who’s to say male dogs can’t get in on the fun, too? This post by FamilyPet also has instructions for how to make simple ghost and Beanie Baby costumes.

Cat Costumes

1. Dapper Cat

Courtesy of Hannah in The House

Courtesy of Hannah In The House

Since cats can be a bit finicky when it comes to wearing outfits, this Velcro bow tie from Hannah In The House might just be your best bet. It can be made in an array of colors and leaves the interpretation up to you. Business cat? Ready for a date? Its minimalism is something most cats can hopefully bear if even just for a photo op!

2. Cat In A Hat

Courtesy of Buzzfeed

Courtesy of Adam Ellis/Buzzfeed

Originally conceived by Adam Ellis of Buzzfeed as New Year’s hats, there’s no reason why these tiny toppers couldn’t be turned into a gentlemanly top hat (a great match with the bow tie) or a jester’s hat. Remove the frill and you’ve got a dunce’s cap. As with all feline attire, be sure to have your camera close at hand as you never know how long these cute little hats will stay put (as can been seen in Adam’s post!).

3. Shark Cat

Courtesy of jessyratfink

Courtesy of jessyratfink

With both Ellen’s Cat Week and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week being such big hits, what could be a better combination of the two? Turn your kitty into a shark cat! Or is that cat shark? Either way, it’s a super cute costume by jessyratfink that can be found on Instructables.

4. Cheshire Cat

Via Mey Lynn/YouTube

Via Mey Lynn/YouTube

In this YouTube tutorial, Mey Lynn shows you how to make several no-sew costumes for your feline, including the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland” and Pikachu from “Pokémon.” Bonus: If your kitty is feeling shy, the hoodie provides the perfect hideaway!

Depending on how patient your cat is, some of the dog costume ideas may work for your feline. And certainly the cat costumes can work for your patient pup. But if your family pets are anything like my three cats, you may have to resort to the tried and true Photoshop costume for your Halloween portrait!

Need more inspiration? Check out our dog costumes video here.

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