7 American Shorthairs Who Are Ready To Pounce On Anything

The American Shorthair just wants to attack everything you own.

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It doesn’t matter what it is, an American Shorthair will not hesitate to hunt it! Via allday_shark/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

Early American settlers brought shorthaired cats from Europe aboard their ships as mousers, protecting their food and wares from rodents. Once in the New World, the cats were bred into sturdier felines who continued to work and flourish alongside their pioneer owners and the American Shorthair was born.

These days American Shorthairs are mainly kept as companion pets rather than working hunters, but they still have those hunter instinct. So, hide your… everything, or else it’s going be ambushed by your American Shorthair.

Here are seven American Shorthairs who are prepped and primed to pounce.

1. “Come at me, bro. I dare you.”

“What nefarious demon is hiding in this colorful box?”

3. “This renegade toilet seat keeps popping back up again! Stay down!”

4. “Prepare to be dominated, shoelace!”

5. “Whatever that is up there — bug, a speck of dirt, ghost — I’m going to get it!”

Via Petcha

Via Petcha

6. “From time to time I will pounce on another American Shorthair, before it pounces on me first.”

7. “With one cute look, I know how to ‘pounce’ my way into my owner’s heart!”  

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