75 Year Old Says She’d Rather Be Evicted Than Find A New Home For Her Cat

Louise Slade is in violation of her building's "no pet" policy, so she says she'll just find a new place to live.

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Because Louise Slade refuses to give up her kitten, she'll have to find a new place to live. Via Calgary Herald/Twitter

When I adopted a Boxer, I found myself giving things up to accommodate him, whether it was surrendering the bottom half of my bed, paying more for his prescription food than I did for my own Dollar Menu Dinners or skipping out on social events because he’d already been alone for too many hours. All pet owners make some kind of sacrifices for their animals, but perhaps not the kind that Louise Slade is willing to make. The 75-year-old Canadian woman would rather be evicted from her apartment than to have to find a new home for her kitten, the Calgary Herald reports.

Slade lives in a retirement home in Calgary that in 2013 became a pet-free building. The animals who already lived there were welcome to stay, but residents couldn’t adopt new pets and — if their companions died — they couldn’t be replaced, according to the Herald. Slade’s dog passed away last year and, when a memo went out to residents at the end of June reminding them to register their pets, she said she mistook it for permission to acquire a new animal. The next day, her son brought her a striped orange kitten named Samantha, and things have taken a rather drastic turn since then.

No pets allowed? No thank you. Jupiterimages/Creatas/Thinkstock

Slade was more or less told that she could either find a new home for Samantha or for the two of them, according to the Herald, and she’s willing to take option two. She now has until October 1 to find a new subsidized place to live.

“I’ve had a pet almost my whole life, and they’ve gotten me through so much,” she told the newspaper.

Although Donna Bennington, the building administrator, is sympathetic to Slade’s situation and understands the importance of pets to otherwise lonely seniors, she says she just can’t allow the cat to stay.

“If I allow [Slade] to have a kitten, I’m going to end up with 25 dogs and 40 more cats living here, and I just cannot do it,” Bennington told the Herald.

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