7 Weimaraners Who Think They’re The Energizer Bunny

A Weimaraner will never, ever need new batteries.

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You’re not seeing a speeding gray car-that’s just your Weimaraner whizzing by! Via weimaraner_blue/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Weimaraner is one active canine. This stunning hunting dog requires vigorous exercise every day in order to be mentally happy and physically fit. Their demanding activity requirements can be draining, and owners often poop out of playtime long before their Weimaraners are ready for their catnap. But if you like to run, the Weimaraner’s speed and endurance make them the ideal companion.

Here are seven Weimaraners who just keep going and going and going…

1. “Can’t talk. I need to get to the gym and pump some iron.”

2. “One, two, three… these jumps are a piece of cake.”

3. “I believe I can fly!”

4. “When the Doxie gets tired on my hikes, I just throw him in my backpack!”

5. “Frolicking in a meadow? Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

6. “Wet sand won’t slow this Weim down. Stop slathering on sunblock and come play!”

7. “But, once my energy is drained, it’s time to recharge by the pool!”

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