7 Ways The Wild Child Chausie Has Embraced Their Domestic Side

The Chausie may be half Jungle Cat, but they have definitely adopted a stay-at-home mentality.

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There is no place like home, according to a Chausie. Via kongothechausiecat/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The affable Chausie cat loves to interact with people and other animals and is always up for a fun game — they just prefer to romp around indoors instead of outside these days.

You see, the Chausie is a combination of the Jungle Cat, found in Africa and Asia, and a domestic cat, most notably Abyssinians. And after years of enjoying the perks of home life, the Chausie has wholeheartedly embraced their domestic side!

Here are seven ways Chausie cats have ditched their wild beginnings and, instead, have settled into domestic bliss.

1. The enjoy playing with fine, hand-crafted toys. Sometimes they make their own out of recycled twine!

2. They often take long mid-afternoon sunbaths, sans dirt.

3. They have developed an unwavering daily hygienic routine that they now cannot live without.

4. They’ve tried their paw at decorating.

5. They love to draw a nice hot bath.

6. They do yoga every morning.

7. And the best part of being a domestic cat? They’ve grown to love a snuggle session.

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