7 Ways Cats Can Work With You

Incorporate your cat into your work day with these products and increase your productivity or at least your cuteness quota.

Take it from us: cats make work better. See seven ways you can incorporate them into your office for maximum furry coworker action.

1.Modern-Style Catification
Wall Attach Steps

If you and your cats (Of course they’re involved in the decision!) need a sleek, Scandinavian office design, check out these Wall Attach Steps made by Whisker Studio. Attach them to the wall in ways to give your cat a challenge on his or her way up to the top of your cabinet. This way, kitty will hopefully hop her way up the wall instead of on top of your laptop.

2. Designer Pet Products
Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

Designer Pet Products, a company made up of designers and cat lovers alike, designed a cat “tree” that will not only look good in your office, but it will also ensure your furry loved ones will keep you company throughout your work day. The tree comes in black or white, for a modern look, and it has an extra-large cubby hole for those cats who might indulge in lunch a little more than others.

3. Take Five with Your Feline
Cat Couch Concept

“Companion animals are no longer pets but positioned as companions of people,” states Korean designer Seungji Mun, one of the three designers of this concept couch. Notice the crawl space built inside the back cushion the couch where kitty can join you while you’re reading, as well as the peep hole along the rear cushion, which is perfect for a place your cat can pop up to help you read those difficult financial statements.

4. Funtastic Feline Fantasy Factory
Over-the-Door Cat Condo

If you’d rather not have any cat-friendly furniture keeping you distracted while you work, you can always hook this over-the-door cat condo up. That way, you and your kitties get the company you want, but without sacrificing attention to detail while working. Featuring a five-foot-high “house” with five peepholes for your cat to make sure you’re making progress, the CatCase will keep your furry kids occupied.

5. A CatCase of the Mondays
Urban Cat Design Bookshelf

Dutch design company UrbanCatDesign was created specifically because traditional cat furnishings simply weren’t good enough for its designers. The cool factor was missing, and the look wasn’t clean, so the designers took it upon themselves to produce this hand-made, wood cat/bookshelf. If your kitty is always in the way when you try to put your books back, the CatCase is the shelf for you.

6. Relax, Stay Awhile
Cat Crib

If you work at home and often have clients over, as much as you love Fluffy, her bedding can sometimes be unsightly, am I right? Choices are limited when it comes to places your cat can mellow out while you’re pitching your ideas, so why not use the space under your furniture? The Cat Crib is a hammock-type bed that will eliminate clutter and keep Fluffy’s old bedding out of site forever. The hammock fits underneath nearly any chair with its patented non-slip strap design.

7. Epic Cat Desk
LYCS Architecture

Designed by Hao Ruan of LYCS Architecture in Hong Kong, this table could very well be paradise for your cats. Not only do they get to spend time around you, which we all know is their goal while you’re trying to work, but they also get to run around and hide within the very piece of furniture you’re using as your desk. The holes inside the organically shaped table lead to paths around the entire length and width, which piques your cats’ curiosity. What could be on the other side of this hole? Oh, it’s just my pet parent trying to work!

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